The Shack -The Story

The central character, Mack, had a 6-year-old daughter who was brutally murdered. He receives an invitation to meet with someone called "Papa" at the shack. "Papa" turns out to be "God" who miraculously transforms the shack into a warm and welcoming setting where they can just relax and shoot the breeze.

This book is an insult to the glorious God of heaven, the creator of all that is. Read on:

Mack meets God
God appears as "a large beaming African-American woman who crossed the distance between them and engulfed him in her arms....” p 82 and who is later called Elousia. 

There is no justification for presenting the HOLY GOD as a woman. There are lines you do NOT cross. This misrepresents God in the minds of the gullible, and creates a warm and fuzzy picture that is totally false. This is heresy.

He meets Jesus

When they finally stopped giggling, the large woman... said, 'Okay, we know who you are, but we should probably introduce ourselves to you. could call me what Nan (Mack's wife) does: Papa.'...
And I,' interrupted the man, who looked to be about in his thirties..., ' I am Hebrew....'"
Mack was suddenly staggered by his own realization. “Then, you are....”
Jesus? Yes...'"

This "Jesus" is “Middle-Eastern" and is dressed like a laborer, complete with belt and gloves, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt.

He meets a "Holy Spirit," stripped of his holiness:
Just as he was about to crumple to his knees, the Asian woman stepped closer and deflected his attention. 'And I am Sarayu (the Holy Spirit, Creativity),' she said... p 110
Sarayu is Sanskrit for “wind.” (Sanskrit is the classical language of Hinduism!)
"'Then,' Mack struggled to ask, 'which one of you is God?'“
'I am,’ said all three in unison.” p 86-87

This is a blasphemous perversion of the name God calls himself, "I Am," in Exodus 3:13-15, and which Jesus declares himself to be in John 8:58.

Mack learns another Gospel
Mack is then reeducated in his beliefs and corrected in his Biblical understanding of God.
It's the very same lie that precipitated the fallen human nature of man. Satan came to Eve and questioned what God had said to her:
"Yea, hath God said ...?"
Genesis 3:1