The Shack -Reviews

Once again, Jesus's work of redemption is being counted as unnecessary. Who other than Satan would want to assail the greatest gift of love accomplished through the agony of the Son of God and suggest that oh no, the atonement's not needed, and repentance isn't needed, and assert that what Jesus said about being THE way to the Father is NOT TRUE. Who else but Satan? And the world gobbles it up.
P Maillet

-Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Seminary calls this book "undiluted heresy."

-"The Shack ...trades a church occupied with people who hear the Word of God preached, for an empty shack where there is neither."
Norman Geisler

-"The Shack has a quietly subversive quality to it."
Tim Challies at

"I would rather have people gleaning lessons from pure fantasy stories like The Wizard of Oz, than to dabble with a story that entwines itself with accepted Christian terminology, only to subtly twist it into a poisonous brew much more lethal than anything the Wicked Witch of the West ever dreamed of."
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