What Are The Marks of Deception?

How does one recognize deception?

Satan showed his "M. O." from the beginning. What was the first sin? It was turning from the Word of God, and believing instead the deception of the devil.
"Did God say you'll die? You won't die..."

Satan does not come with banners announcing, "I am Satan coming to deceive you." Deception will always "sound good."

  1. The first mark of deception is rejecting the Word of God and believing a counterfeit.
    Deception always includes enough truth to make it sound good.

  2. Most cult religions have a book or books that are revered beyond the Word of God.

  3. The veneration of a person, angel, "saint," or anyone other than God.
    The Word of God makes clear that all worship, adoration and veneration must only be to God alone. Even angelic beings from heaven rebuked men who bowed before them.

  4. Satan attacks the deity of Christ.

  5. Satan attacks the virgin birth.

  6. Satan denies the inherant sinfulness of man and the need for a Savior.
    Satan causes men to believe that they can be saved by their "goodness." This is the sin of Cain, the effort to bring our goods to God rather than bringing the sacrificed lamb.

  7. Satan fosters the belief that one can be saved by religion, ritual, rites, mysticism, etc.
    Jesus said "you must be born again."

  8. There will usually be a man to whom the followers look for "truth," rather than the Word of God.
    The deceit lies in the fostered belief that the Bible is too hard to understand, therefore the submitting of their souls and minds to a man who can explain it to them.